Jazz at the Old Lyme Inn

Old Lyme Inn – Kenny and the “Bad Pennies” Jazz Trio
THE TRIOExpanding jazz settings in southeastern Connecticut is a lifelong passion of Ken Kitchens, owner of the Old Lyme Inn and Side Door Jazz Club. Guests of the inn and diners at the restaurant enjoyed live jazz Sundays for many years. The Side Door continues with regular weekend events.

Sunday jazz was anchored by the Donovan/Asetta piano and bass duo with owner Ken Kitchens on drums joined by “Fox” Mills on the guitar. Steve and Mike are an enduring musical partnership, with multiple weekly performances. This consistency supports their shaping of numerous arrangements of both jazz standards and more modern songs into entertaining and enjoyable music. Since performing together every Thursday and Sunday for nearly 2 years, the “Bad Pennies” are a rhythmically cohesive jazz group. Come enjoy!

Recent review to the Quest Service comment collection of the Inn:
Sunday, September 24, 2017
Comment to: “Old Lyme Inn Guest Service”

We were there today – we’re the couple celebrating our anniversary, sitting to the side of the bass player. We are writing to just say what a peak experience it was to be sitting on the patio and listening to such sweet jazz. Thanks for entertaining several of my requests – Red Garland, Bill Evans, Erroll Garner. The food was delicious, the music phenomenal the vibe just perfect.

Thanks also for coming over to us for a conversation. Your enthusiasm and energy are infectious in the best ways. This was our first time at the Inn, and we will be back for sure next time for the Side Door.

Thanks again for a great experience. It gives me hope. Like Bob Marley said, “when the music hits you, no one gets hurt.” Peace to you and the Old Lyme Inn.
Please extend my thank you to the piano and bass player as well. These are prominent musicians, too.

The renewed Old Lyme Inn is a centerpiece to the Lyme arts community. The restaurant and jazz club counts as neighbors two significant organizations: Florence Griswold Museum and Lyme Arts Association. Combine visits to these great spaces and enjoy the jazz!

Bad Pennies Jazz Trio -Kitchens, Asetta, Donovan

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